Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Minutes 17th March

Let me see if I can remember a single bloody thing about the last apathetic assembly. I made the mistake of accepting a fourth Guinness and consequently the whole episode is a little foggy. Why then I should decide to take upon myself the duty of recording the event is a mystery to me, but it feels like irresponsibility so I’m in.

Now lets see, attendees, oh hey there were four! Cud, Dibble, and Jackal were gratified to welcome the return of Totally Nutmeg, whose attendance of late has been so hit and miss as to warrant discussion of a new identity – “Totally Apathetic”! A role model for us all. Unfortunately it emerged in the conversation (and the panel feels obliged here to refute allegations of waterboarding in the function room) that he has in fact been going to the gym instead of channel surfing from the comfort of his couch. I’m confused, if you’re apathetic about apathy, but competitive in other spheres, how is your credibility affected? Again humdrum and half-arsed answers via comments please.

Okay so far, now what? Oh, the conversation… well there was some techy stuff which had Cud and Dibble reaching for the long abandoned mutual aqualung, and some speccy stuff which affirmed the compromise that every red blooded male with mild myopia and blisters on his right hand made when he heard it made you blind.

There was some personal stuff which probably shouldn’t be posted without being initialled by a non existent authority figure and we digested the unexpected information that Watchmen was in fact way tolerable, and even considered tolerating it again. Meeting dissolved as usual when we ran out of drinking time.