Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Minutes 5th May

Attending: Officer, Dave, Totally, Cud. Apologies from Druid and Just Mike, respect.

Well didn't we just go WILD last night! The evening had a dangerous feel from the start, there was a lairy atmosphere and an air of impending revolution. Sure enough, in due course, an astounding event occurred which I tremble to contemplate even now. Totally went to the bar (Lol, yeah I know but that's not it), and returned not with crisps, but with peanuts! And he did it casually! There was no drum roll, no crackle of kalashnikovs, no flag waving, just an admirably apathetic attempt to blame Dave. I predict a counter revolution in the near future.

Bloodless coup aside, we went to new places in other ways. I listened in astonishment as a conversation developed about football of all things, wtf? As official grumpy git and nay sayer (whatever it is, I'm against it) I felt duty bound to appeal for a change of topic. Football is surely the antithesis of apathy, please discuss in the usual half arsed fashion via comments. The society bless 'em responded sluggishly and developed a new topic and seconds later I was backpedalling furiously as members who shall remain nameless expounded the benefits of moisturising for men and exchanged notes on the latest skin products. In my opinion btw, staff should have written permission to chip in, unless of course she is agreeing with me. Hi Julie, x.


  1. ...well it was either that or "Colour schemes of the post-modernist British bathroom" :S

  2. Colour schemes of the British bathroom would not have brought me out in a cold sweat my friend, or caused me to question the nature of reality. Well my reality. What do you think of football as the antithesis of apathy?

  3. One could say the game of football is "goal oriented" (sic) and therefore the complete opposite of apatheticism - which has no obvious goal other than the goal of no goal at all. But then isn't that a goal in itself?
    But wait, aren't we talking about "watching football" rather than playing it? In which case it is watching other people trying to achieve a goal because you can't be bothered to do it yourself.

    So in summary I would say "watching football" is actually quite apathetic, though understanding what is going on is a completely different matter!

    1-nil to me Cud?

  4. Possibly, but I'm bringing on my new striker in the second half. Dammit! That's 2-nil isn't it.