Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Present, dibble,nutmeg,cud, jackal,just mike. apologies north eastern druid.
Well the meeting was pushed forward this week and we assembled early to partake of the sumptuous cuisine and also to get some more drinking in to celebrate our esteemed fellow apathees forthcoming nuptials (and his wedding as well).
Tips on how to keep mikes waistline in check before the main event in order for the suit to look just right were proffered and we landed on the right path eventually (lucky man).
The whole gamut of topics was raised this evening including the position of the moon having any kind of relationship to our moods up to and including the effects it has on those less fortunate than ourselves in the attic department.
We were also regaled by cud on his unfortunate week with dampcourse and the vagaries of house refurbishment (a distinct odour was noticed upon at this stage but politely ignored) (not).
It is worthy of note that as we discussed the forthcoming nuptials of said apathee we touched upon the stag night and it were informed that a curry night was in the offing (north eastern druid to be informed)
We also discussed the honeymoon and mike said he was heading to Barcelona for a week and we asked our resident drinking facillitator if she had any tips on where to go in barcelona.
This turned out to be a bit of a hot button for the lithe young pint puller (hot totty indeed sir)
And what followed was a lively diatribe on the various drinking establishments and where to steal the best glasses and also snippets of where to find gaudis best work .
Also we covered the best markets and best tours to see the city.
I left the company early as i now have dog walking duties and sleep to catch up on and i left my fellow apathees early.


  1. Further to last nights report I can exclusively reveal that I have now achieved laundrey! It's true I had to beat some of the older underwear unconcious before I could get it in the washing machine but that was easy compared to catching the damn things.

  2. Thank god he didn't mention nutmeg and cud's synchronised toilet trips... we got away with that one, ho ho!

  3. Dude! I can't believe you posted that. That's you in the spare room tonight.