Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Apathetic Minutes 11.11.09

Attendees: Nutmeg, Dibble & Cud
Apologies: Jackal, Druid & Just Mike

Points of interest:
  • Nutmeg venting : Microsoft SharePoint is the product of an evil, twisted mind
  • Cud was shocked to receive a letter from *content edited due to political nature* and he knows where to download a list of *more content edited due to political nature* most of whom seem to live in Raffles.
  • No 'Hive next week! Impending closure for refurb - Julie is worried about the lights (bit Eighties she reckons)
  • Cud says he could retire in 10 years - [insert age-ist punchline here]
  • Sesame Street versus Rainbow - Big Bird would kick Bungle's ass (unanimous verdict)
  • Name of Jacques Cousteau's boat - Le Ship?
  • Cud had an "Experian" experience - big brother knows all, ooerr.

Next Meeting to be relocated to The Jackal's lovepad - highlights to include "Life of Brian" and a curry. Respect.

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