Friday, 27 February 2009

Warsaw Uprising - The Apathetes Band

Presenting the worlds first apathete super group. Each member has two instruments or roles that work in direct conflict with each other, bearing in mind they need to be played simultaneously!
Please suggest alternatives this is merely a working list allowing us to not get round to doing it later.

Name: Warsaw Uprising

Genre: Acid Skiffle

officer dibble: slide trombone - keyboards

North Eastern Druid: triangle - tambourine

Totally Nutmeg: saxophone - drums

davethejackal: lead vocals - bagpipes

Cud Dobetter: theramin - glockenspiel


  1. Ok - but go easy on the spandex eh?

  2. I had to google Theramin, I thought it was an anti-depressant. I assume my ignorance is no handicap, it never has been before.